Criminal Defense

In criminal law, hiring an experienced defense attorney is paramount for  individuals facing the threat of criminal prosecution. We represent individuals who are charged with the following crimes:

The offenses listed above carry the possibility of incarceration, sometimes substantial, mandatory, and subject to significant parole ineligibility, upon conviction. Thus, it is critical that a person facing consequences of such magnitude retain an attorney who is qualified and experienced.

On many occasions, seasoned attorneys, through effective early representation, can set the groundwork for positive results or secure a favorable early resolution. A person charged with this type of crime needs an advocate capable of formidably opposing the substantial resources typically available to law enforcement and prosecutors. On some occasions, these matters must be tried by a jury, making it essential that an individual retain a skilled trial attorney.

To those facing criminal charges, the choice of counsel can make all the difference. A lawyer, as vital advocate for the accused, conducts early investigation, identifies applicable defenses, analyzes strengths and weaknesses, prepares legal applications, also called motions, negotiates with prosecuting authorities, and zealously defends an accused before a jury. Additionally, a lawyer involved early in the case can expedite the client’s release on bail, allowing the client to assist in preparing the defense.

In the end, for those charged with crimes and offenses, the proper selection of counsel is pivotal. A capable and experienced attorney can often mean the difference between a finding of guilt or innocence, and, critically, incarceration or freedom.

Family Law

In these instances as custody, many differences and complications can arise unexpectedly, as you are dealing with your former spouse to make important life decisions in regards to the welfare of your children. We deal with many aspects of a divorce including: 

You may have a lot of questions. Imagine if my spouse does not consent with regards to the custody? Do I need to have a hearing regarding custody? Am I able get sole custody of my child under certain circumstances? Do I need an attorney?

It’s essential to find an expert and knowledgeable attorney who can evaluate all of your condition and come up with the ideal strategy moving forward, to find the desired consequences for you and your children. You need to consider that you are making decisions that affect your kids, and also you are aware that these should not be taken lightly. Your kids’ future is in the hands of the judges if both spouses can’t agree on the conditions of custody. Would you like to leave such decisions to the courts, or will you want to look for a young child custody attorney with many years of knowledge and it has a track record of success in handling spouses along with the courts? Custody cases can be hard, and using legal counsel with you through the whole process could be extremely valuable. The very best interests of the child are potentially in danger without proper representation.