Houson R. Lafrance PA

We Are a Law Firm That Gets Results

Houson Lafrance is a smart, zealous and passionate attorney. Houson’s results in the courtroom has garnered him numerous awards that only a very small percentage of attorney’s ever receive including:

A dynamic and persuasive trial lawyer, Houson captivates clients and jurors alike. After performing his closing argument, he has drawn praise from opponents, judges and jurors about his abilities. He represents people who are accused of violating the law and individuals injured by the negligence of others.

Houson graduated in 2014 with honors from St. Thomas University School of Law. While in law school he was a member of all three honors organizations: St. Thomas Law Review, St. Thomas University School of Law Moot Court and St. Thomas University School of Law Trial Team.

After graduation from law school and passing the bar in 2014, Houson began his career at the Broward Public Defender’s Office as an Assistant Public Defender. He handled 1000s of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors, DUI and Felonies. He had an impressive trial record and was able to garner numerous Not Guilty verdicts on impossible cases showing early his natural abilities as a trial lawyer.

In 2016, Houson was offered and accepted a position as partner in a South Florida firm that represented gaming, petroleum and religious corporations. As a partner, Houson handled all criminal and litigation matters within the firm and provided strategic planning for all litigation cases.

In July 2019, Houson decided to open Houson R. Lafrance P.A. a criminal defense and family law firm, dedicated to representing people against the government and insurance companies.

Houson’s hobbies include mentorship, reading, college football and writing books. His favorite quote is “Excellence Demands Consistency.”