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Houson R. Lafrance is the owner of Houson R. Lafrance PA in South Florida. He specializes his practice in Criminal Defense and Personal Injury. 

If you have been arrested or hurt by the negligence of others schedule a free phone consult with Houson R. Lafrance.

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Houson represents local people who have suffered serious injuries in many different configurations, from automobile accidents causing spinal pain to construction site injuries causing death. Houson understands the solemn nature of these instances.

Houson has the tools to investigate and research the unique facets of each scenario, and will work  diligently to ensure that cases are solved for the most recovery accessible.

Houson never charges a fee to discuss a situation, and all personal injury cases are accepted on a contingency fee. Meaning that if there’s absolutely no recovery for the customer, the client pays no fee. Housons’ priority is to provide clients with the personal service that they deserve. 

Mr. Lafrance is very professional, honest and he kept me informed through out my accident case. I am very satisfied with the way he handled my case and the overall service he provided.

I can not just say thank you so much for the love and support we received with Houson. Thank you and keep being great and successful in helping our communities!!!!

I was referred to Mr. LaFrance by a family friend and I was not disappointed. He was very professional. I was charged with a complicated D.U.I case, he defended me brilliantly , everything went well as he told me they would have. Thank you Mr. LaFrance!

t is extremely important to have an Attorney that is knowledgeable in the area of law that you need help with and Mr. Lafrance was extremely knowledgeable and efficient considering the time consuming works of the law. I would recommend and have recommended him to all my friends.

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Should you need legal aid in a personal injury case or you’re searching for legal defense for criminal charges, get in contact with Houson today. Either just fill out the Free Case Consultation form or simply call him. He is standing by to assist all your legal needs.

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