How much does it cost to hire a lawyer in Broward County?

I often get asked by potential clients or just curious people how much do I charge to represent them for a case. The answer is always depends because there are multiple considerations that I have to take when quoting a price to a potential client. I’ll break it down by practice area:

Criminal Defense

I know that some lawyers charge an hourly rate and others charge a flat fee.  As a general rule we charge a flat fee (nonrefundable retainer) that is determined on a case-by-case basis.  The fee is based on the complexity of the case (a drug trafficking case will cost more than a simple misdemeanor possession of cannabis) and the estimated number of hours it would take to resolve the case. 

Personal Injury/Car Accident

When it comes to personal injury/car accident cases we do not require the client to pay anything upfront because we take those cases on contingency. What that means is that we do not get paid unless the client gets paid. So if a client is hurt in a car accident or slip n fall we get paid 33.3% of what we recover for the client. However, that number goes up to 40% if we have to file suit and take it trial. This works out for the client because they do not have to finance the expense of litigation and we absorb all the risk.

Final Thoughts:

Paying for a lawyer can be expensive and most people do not have the ability to pay thousands of dollars at once to pay for legal representation. In response to that reality we offer reasonable payment plans to clients that allow them to pay for legal services.

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Houson R. Lafrance