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How Do I Make Sure I Have The Best Chance At Winning My Case in Broward County?

Winning at trial can often feel like a rare thing for most criminal defendants because the State either has a confession, witness, or video (or in some instances all three) that can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the charged offense. Winning at trial is hard…but not impossible.

If you are currently the defendant in a criminal case here are some tips to assist you in preparation for trial:

  1. Hire the Right Lawyer – This is critical because the right lawyer can be all the difference from prison and freedom. The right lawyer is someone who knows what they’re doing and includes you in the process if that is something you want.
  2. Listen to Your Lawyer – If you have done a good job in selecting a lawyer then you should trust him or her to give you the right advice. So if your lawyer tells you for example to stop talking about your case with people you should listen because anything you say to a third person is not privileged.
  3. Be Honest with Your Lawyer – If your lawyer asks you something be honest, do not withhold information because what you think is unimportant may make all the difference in the world.
  4. Ask for a Copy of the Discovery – It is your case so ask your lawyer to give you a copy of the discovery (evidence). This is important because you may notice things that are not correct and can let your lawyer know about it. *Caution* If you notice a mistake or discrepancy don’t be upset if your lawyer tells you its not important *See #2*
  5. Keep In Contact With Your Lawyer – This is often where issues arise in an attorney client relationship. Keep your lawyer updated with your phone number, address, email, and contact information of someone who would be able to find you should contact with you becomes difficult.

These tips cannot guarantee victory but they can help you get a more favorable outcome.

Houson R. Lafrance