What is DUI?

Today’s post will be short but helpful. DUI is a shorthand acronym for Driving Under the Influence. In order to be convicted of DUI the State must that a person drove or was in actual physical control of a vehicle and was under the influence of alcohol or chemical substance to the extent their normal […]

A Simple Guide to Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in Broward County

The right criminal defense lawyer makes a world difference to a case.   The right criminal defense lawyer may be able to persuade the prosecutor to offer probation instead of jail or prison. The right criminal defense lawyer will be able to spot the legal issues and file a motion to suppress on your behalf. […]

How Do I Make Sure I Have The Best Chance At Winning My Case in Broward County?

Winning at trial can often feel like a rare thing for most criminal defendants because the State either has a confession, witness, or video (or in some instances all three) that can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the charged offense. Winning at trial is hard…but not impossible. If you are currently […]