Should I Take The Plea Deal?

The answer to that question is – it depends. Pleading no contest or guilty is can lead to a criminal conviction, which can have severe, life-altering consequences. While you should always confer with an experienced criminal defense attorney, the final decision on whether to accept or reject a plea offer belongs to you – not […]

7 Ways A Lawyer Help With My Criminal Case?

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side – one who understands the system, and who knows the law and the rules (both spoken and unspoken) – helps to level the playing field.


The Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution establish the fundamental rights of a criminal defendant before and during trial. The purpose of these rights is to ensure that all citizens are treated fairly and to protect defendants from overreaching by the government or abuse at the hands of an overzealous prosecutor. If you […]


If you violate the terms of your probation, you may be placed in custody by your probation officer, which is also referred to as having a “detainer” lodged on you. You will then have a hearing before the judge who sentenced you previously. At the initial hearing, your lawyer will discuss with the prosecutor to […]


Some examples of common terms and conditions of probation are: Check in with a probation officer as instructed; Abstain from using illegal or non-prescribed drugs, and do not abuse prescribed drugs; Abstain from alcohol; Attend and complete drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation; Submit to random or scheduled drug screens; Submit to random searches Stay employed or […]

What is the Juvenile Justice System in Broward County?

Criminal offenses committed by a person under the age of 18 in Florida are typically handled by the Juvenile Justice System. The Juvenile Justice System focuses on rehabilitating youthful offenders as opposed to the adult court system which is punitive in nature.  The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) plays a major role in the administration of […]

The First 48… after getting arrested in Broward County

The first 48 hours after being arrested for a crime are stressful. For a lot of people this is their first time ever being arrested and having their liberty taken. It’s the fear of not knowing what to expect that plagues their minds those first 48 hours. They don’t know what to expect from the […]

What is the Juvenile Justice System Process?

Many parents and guardians of youthful offenders want to know what their child will encounter as they move through the Juvenile Justice System. Understanding the process will allow parents and guardians to be knowledgeable and properly involved in supporting their child. A juvenile criminal case may proceed as follows: 1. Law EnforcementThe police arrest the […]