What defenses can I use for criminal trial?

In order for a person to be convicted of a crime, the prosecutor must prove, in trial, beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. At trial, a defendant is given the chance to present a defense that supports whether or not they committed the crime, and if they did commit a crime, a legal […]

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

What should I do after a car accident? I often have to answer this question for friends, family and curious strangers who find out that I am a lawyer. I answer it so often I decided to make a quick outline: Call the Police: By calling the police you can get help to the scene and the […]

To The Point: Don’t Talk to Police

Let me get straight to the point. Do not talk to the police if they are asking you question in connection to a criminal case. I have represented countless criminal defendants who had great cases except for the fact that they gave a statement to the police. As general rule I tell my clients if […]

Guest Speaker at STU Law

I was honored to speak to the law students at St. Thomas University School of Law about why I decided to be a trial lawyer. The reason I decided to be a trial lawyer is because nothing compares to standing in front of a jury delivering an opening statement, cross examination or closing argument. It is […]

What Should I Know About Car Insurance in Florida?

I had the opportunity recently to talk with a friend who was the victim of another person’s negligence. He had reached out to me to discuss his options with regard to his vehicle (which is probably going to be declared a total loss). After our conversation I was inspired to discuss insurance with you. So […]

Houson Lafrance receives client choice award

I’ll make this a quick one. I was awarded the Clients’ Choice badge for receiving five or more 4+ star reviews in a calendar year. I have to be honest while it might not mean much in the grand scheme of things it means a lot to me because I strive give my clients the best level […]

5 Things You Should Know About Arraignments in Florida

An arraignment is usually a defendant’s first chance to formally hear the charges against them. What usually happens is the Judge will call the defendant’s name and the Defendant will walk up to the podium where the Judge will read the charges and ask the Defendant “What do you plea?” An arraignment is the first […]

How Tiger Woods Proved the State’s case of DUI against Him

One of the first things I tell clients and potential clients is not to talk to the police. The second thing I tell clients is not to talk to anyone who is not your lawyer about the facts of your case. Tiger Woods violated the second rule when he issued a statement following his arrest […]

What happens when I’m arrested for DUI?

I often get asked when I speak to the community to explain what happens to someone if they are arrest for DUI in South Florida. I have gotten the question enough times that I decided to put together a quick overview of what happens in most cases. Initial Arrest – A police officer after pulling you […]

Why I Disagree with Judge Hirsch About Stand Your Ground

Recently Judge Milton Hirsch declared the newest version of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law as unconstitutional. The recent change in the law shifted the burden from the defendant to the State to prove by clear and convincing evidence that a Defendant is not justified in using or threatening to use deadly force if he or she reasonably […]