Been Hurt in a Uber or Lyft Accident?

It’s a Friday night and you’re headed to the local bars for a night of drinking and hanging out with friends. You know you’re going to be drinking so you and your friends decided that you’re going to Uber (or Lyft) to and back from the bars that night. You request your ride and it […]

Open Container and Alcohol Related Laws in Florida

Florida Statute 316.1936 makes it a civil infraction for a person (driver or passenger) to be possession an open container of alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle. The statute defines open container to mean any alcoholic beverage which can immediately be consumed or if the seal is broken. The statute makes a distinction between the […]


“Mr. Lafrance, thank you for believing in me and my story.” Those were the words my client said to me as she hugged and sobbed in my arms. I remember when she first walked into my office and asked me to represent her. My client was being accused of battery (at the time). The allegations […]

How Many Different Kinds of Personal Injury Cases Are There?

Personal Injury is defined as an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury or damage to property. In legal terms it is referred to as a tort and is a specialized area of law. The most common types of personal injury are: Car Accidents – Perhaps the most common type […]

What Happens After You’re Arrested in Broward County?

The first 48 hours after being arrested for a crime are stressful. For a lot of people this is their first time ever being arrested and having their liberty taken. It’s the fear of not knowing what to expect that plagues their minds those first 48 hours. They don’t know what to expect from the […]

What is Assault and Battery?

Recently I sat down with a potential client who believed he was being charged in correctly. He advised me that he was being accused of hitting someone when he never laid a hand on anyone. He was fairly adamant that his case should be dismissed because he did not assault anyone. After about 10 minutes […]

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer in Broward County?

I often get asked by potential clients or just curious people how much do I charge to represent them for a case. The answer is always depends because there are multiple considerations that I have to take when quoting a price to a potential client. I’ll break it down by practice area: Criminal Defense I […]

What is DUI?

Today’s post will be short but helpful. DUI is a shorthand acronym for Driving Under the Influence. In order to be convicted of DUI the State must that a person drove or was in actual physical control of a vehicle and was under the influence of alcohol or chemical substance to the extent their normal […]